Okpik's Dream DVD


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** NB: Le rêve d’Okpik, la version originale avec sous-titres français, est disponible exclusivement en VSD sur Vimeo on Demand: vimeo.com/ondemand/lerevedokpik **

"Imbued with poetry and inspiring human values… a luminous ode to the tenacity of Harry Okpik" – Québec Cinéma

"A [film] harnessed to hope… it takes our gaze to broad horizons of renewal" – Grand Prize Jury notes, 25th Montreal First Peoples Festival

Written and directed by Laura Rietveld
Produced by Katarina Soukup, Catbird Films

Harry Okpik dreamed of becoming a dog musher. But when government agents shot his and thousands of other Inuit huskies across the Canadian Arctic, 11-year-old Harry saw the sky turn red and thought his dream forever destroyed. Now, fifty years later, Harry Okpik reflects on the tragedy of the Dog Slaughter and the accident that led to the loss of his leg. Follow Harry through the arctic seasons as cares for his huskies and prepares for Ivakkak—a 600 km dog sled race across the Canadian Arctic. A race with the greater purpose: to bring back the nearly eradicated Inuit husky and a lost way of life.

73 min | Documentary | 2014
Original English and Inuktitut version, with English subtitles
Anamorphic Widescreen I NTSC | Stereo or 5.1 Surround Sound

Bonus material: trailer, 13 extra video clips

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